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    The Sphinx cat is also known as the Sphinx hairless cat. As early as 1700 years ago, there were records of such hairless cats kept by the indigenous people of Mexico in South America. But it was not until the breed was successful in the cat show that people began to pay attention to it and became interested in it. TlCA recognizes this breed, and this type of cat was recognized as a rare breed in 2005.
    The earliest recorded hairless cats are a pair of brothers born in the same nest named Nelly and Dick. In 1903, American New Mexico native Sinnick bought them from Pueblo ’s Native American Indians. In 1966, the hairless cat was found again in Toronto, Canada, and the name of the Canadian hairless cat was derived from it. Shortly thereafter, hairless cats were also found in Minnesota, USA. With the growing reputation of hairless cats, hairless cats have also been reported all over the world. As a result, some cat lovers have bred Sphinx cats. This sphinx cat is not susceptible to genetic diseases and is not disabled by inbreeding.

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