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    Chicken liver is very rich in nutrition, such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin A, D, phosphorus, etc., with high nutritional value and unique fishy smell, which is a favorite food for pet dogs. The study found that chicken liver can be considered as a nutriment for dogs. It can be eaten properly, but it must not be eaten more. In short, if your German Shepherd Dog occasionally eats chicken liver, it’s excellent, but the long-term, single, large amount of eating its consequences are not good.

    Clinical studies have found that some German Shepherds are suitable for chicken liver: For example, some German shepherds who are prone to cold and diarrhea can eat more chicken liver. Because the chicken liver is rich in vitamins, it can maintain the integrity of the epithelial cells of the dog’s respiratory tract and digestive tract, help strengthen the body’s resistance, and maintain the health of the dog. In addition, if the German shepherd dog is picky and anorexic, we can prepare some chicken liver to stimulate the dog’s appetite, so that it can slowly return to normal eating habits. Of course, chicken liver is very rich in nutrition. If your German shepherd dog is poor in physical fitness and lack of nutrition, it is also a good choice to feed it some chicken liver for the sake of the dog’s health.

    It’s good to feed the German shepherd dog with chicken liver, but it’s also bad. The key lies in the feeding of the owner: Generally speaking, if the German shepherd dog is very strong, has no malnutrition, and is picky about eating and anorexia, it can be fed with chicken liver at least once a week or two.

    If healthy German Shepherds eat chicken liver a lot every day, the consequences are very serious. For example, a large amount of chicken liver in German Shepherd is easy to cause obesity. The accumulation of vitamin A in the body can cause poisoning, inhibit the absorption of calcium by the body, and if there is a long-term calcium deficiency, the effect is very serious. Pet dogs may cause coagulation dysfunction, bone dysplasia and so on.

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