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    The Finnish Spitz is quiet and gentle, and looks like a fox. Energetic and agile. It’s a good guard dog. What about the Finnish Spitz? Introduction to the characteristics of Finnish Spitz.

    Finnish Spitz Characteristic. They will lead hunters to kill red snipe and other huntable birds in the dense forest. The large and gentle Finnish Spitz are very lively and easy to get along with children. In summer, Finnish Spitz are happy to sleep outside. Although the dense coat can not effectively resist the natural environment, the dog can survive. Because this kind of dog is quiet, it can be a good guard dog. When this kind of male dog meets with other male dogs, it is easy to get excited. Agile, independent, energetic, docile and calm, it needs strict training since childhood.

    The overall maintenance of Finnish Spitz is relatively less, so it doesn’t take time and effort, because their hair is just ordinary shedding, and only a few brushes are needed to maintain their hair every week. Considering the density, it is best to use a strong bristle brush to remove excess hair and disperse the natural grease of the coating. They rarely need a bath and can be properly manicured to prevent cracking and breakage. Teeth should be brushed at least once a week to maintain good oral health.

    Food, regular and quantitative feeding for Finnish Spitz, a small number of times, try to make the dog eat eight full on the line. When the dog is one year old, it can gradually reduce the number of times to eat and increase the amount of food per meal. Food should be balanced and reasonable. The intelligence of training Finnish Spitz ranks 43 in the dog list, which is relatively smart and easy to train. Be patient when training Finnish Spitz. Don’t beat or scold them.

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