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    Because of its lovely appearance, French Bulldog has always been respected by people. Although their intelligence quotient is not very high in dogs, many people raise this kind of dog not for their intelligence quotient but for their lovely appearance, and their posture is one of the reasons why many people like them. A lot of people ask how big a French Bulldog can grow. We need to know that everything has its limits. So how big can a French Bulldog grow?

    Because Bulldogs are small dogs, people who are worried about their growth can rest assured that if they like smaller dogs, then the method of fighting can completely meet your requirements. The adult French Bulldog is about 18-25kg and its height is between 30-36cm. It can be imagined that the size of the French Bulldog is relatively small. There is a certain deviation between the height and the weight of the female and the male, the weight of the male is 20-25kg, the female is 18-23kg.

    It can be seen that those who are still worried about the size of French Bulldogs can rest assured that the size of the French Bulldogs will not be large, because their varieties have largely determined their size, and they will be the cute, loyal and brave French Bulldogs, so don’t worry about the problem that their size will greatly affect their beauty, so don’t worry about their size Now.

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