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    Pugs are small dogs, so even adult pugs don’t grow too big. Usually, the height of a pug is between 25-28cm, and their weight is between 6-8kg.

    1. Overweight dogs suffer a lot. Due to the improvement of living standards and other factors, many owners will provide pets with the best food and living environment. If they do not pay attention to scientific dog keeping, it is easy to cause dogs to become fat. In fact, many owners even think that the dog is the most lovely one, so there are more and more fat dogs. Maybe fat dogs are cute in your eyes, but when they are overweight, they also have many troubles. For example, they are more likely to suffer from respiratory and circulatory diseases, and obesity may also cause diabetes, etc., so if you don’t want to let dogs suffer from the pain caused by diseases, the owner must keep dogs scientifically.

    2. A pug can also be a guard dog. A pug is not big, but you must not look down on them. Many pugs can be guard dogs. Under the condition of proper training, many pugs can remind their owners of any abnormal situation in time. Of course, because of the size of the body, the fighting capacity of the pug is certainly not as good as that of the large guard dog (if they fight with the opponent, the pug may be injured), as long as they can let the owner know of the abnormal situation through barking and other means at the first time.

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