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    You can give your cats some plants to help cat relieve pain and aid urinary health. Following are some kinds of plants you can use as for home remedies to help cat diuresis and relieve UTI.

    Cranberry: Cranberries are an effective way to aid your cat’s urinary health. This is a universal remedy for urinary problems. The acidity of cranberries lowers the pH of urine. You can find cranberry capsules or powder at your local holistic pet store or online.
    Juniper Berry: A juniper berry supplement can help cleanse your cat’s kidneys and soothe her bladder. Juniper berry veterinary studies show it as an effective anti-inflammatory.
    Parsley Leaf: Parsley is a natural diuretic with antiseptic qualities. It helps your cat to flush out her urinary system and naturally encourages thirst.
    Uva Ursi Leaf: This leaf is a go-to for holistic vets. It attacks pathogens and can reduce inflammation and minor bleeding.
    Corn Silk: These fine golden threads act as a diuretic and antiseptic.
    Nettle: Nettles fights inflammation and irritation which helps soothe the pain associated with UTIs and other urinary tract issues.

    In addition, you can add 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar with 1 teaspoon chicken broth to your cat’s canned food each day. If symptoms do not improve, consult a veterinarian.

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