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    Arthritis is still more terrible for us, because the joints will be painful, and there is no effective treatment at present, which is also true for dogs, especially the older the dogs are, the more obvious the situation of arthritis will be, so how can we solve this problem? How to prevent arthritis in dogs?

    First of all, let’s understand what is dog arthritis? If your dog has the following symptoms, it can be concluded that the dog is suffering from arthritis:
    1. His legs are stiff when he walks;
    2. He is not willing to put his weight on a certain foot when he walks;
    3. He is difficult to stand up or squat down;
    4. His joints are swollen and his touch is painful;
    5. He is not willing to run or go up and down the stairs

    How should dog arthritis be improved and treated? Drug supplement: antiphlogistic analgesic plus glucosamine, need to give dogs a lot of glucosamine, can prevent bone and joint friction pain, relieve pain, stiffness and swelling caused by arthritis. The owner can also buy some health care products that are good for joints to improve. At ordinary times, you can also feed some nutritive cream to accelerate the recovery of dogs.

    The key point is not to let dogs climb stairs, exercise intensity should not be too strong, and outdoor rest should be sufficient. It’s better for dogs to live indoors and put a blanket on the ground to keep warm.

    We have seen a lot of video platforms for dogs to perform upright walking, which is particularly harmful to the joints of dogs. This is a special training for dogs to meet the public’s taste. When the dog gets older, the joints will definitely have irreversible problems, so we hope that all pet owners, who love it, will consider the problem from its standpoint.

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