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    In summer, dogs are often seen with big mouths! Saliva drips down, especially when you see a hairy dog, many people think the owner is cruel. Why don’t you shave the dog when you get a big gasp and saliva?

    In fact, this is a way of heat dissipation for dogs. The sweat glands of dogs are distributed in the tongue. They open their mouths, spit out their tongue, and pant. In this way, they can secrete a lot of saliva instead of sweat. By pouring out a lot of saliva, the saliva evaporates and absorbs heat to lower the body temperature. In addition, the dog’s mat is also one of the sources of heat dissipation! If your dog has long hair, you can choose to trim or shave it properly, especially the hair on the dog’s foot pad.

    After trimming and thinning, it will be more conducive to the dog’s cooling. Dogs mainly breathe to cool down, so how does our cat cool down? Looking at cats in summer with thick fur, I really pinched a sweat for them! There are sweat glands in the cat’s skin. The sweat glands of the cat are underdeveloped, which do not actively participate in the regulation of body temperature like human’s sweat glands.

    Therefore, no matter how hot the weather is, there is absolutely no phenomenon of sweating in the cat. The heat of a cat is radiated from the skin or breathed like a dog, but the efficiency of the heat is worse than that of perspiration and evaporation. Its best cooling “tool” is the meat pad on its claw. Usually, a cat sleeps with its feet in its arms when it’s cold, but when it’s hot, it stretches its feet and opens its feet, which is the way to cool the cat.

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