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    Dogs, like humans, are omnivorous animals that eat cereals, which will naturally cause diseases, especially gastrointestinal problems. What’s more, the problems in the intestines and stomach have been repeated all the time, making parents even less aware of how to treat them. How to prevent dyspepsia in Bichon?

    However, the main reason for the problem of stomach and intestines discomfort is the improper feeding and management of parents, which makes the Bichon either hungry or overeating. In addition, of course, the food quality is not good. For example, the food is too cold in winter, too hot in summer, and the food is put too long and rancid. Finally, the dishware used by the dog is not clean, long-term use is not disinfected and so on.

    All these conditions can lead to constipation, diarrhea and other symptoms. Animals vomit and eat for the first time. After that, they are foam like mucus and gastric juice. According to the nature of the disease, vomit is mixed with blood, bile and mucous membrane fragments. At the beginning, the loose stool is a mixture of water and feces, and then it becomes water like, sometimes mixed with tissue fragments and blood. The dog has mild abdominal pain, body bending and lying in the cold dark place, abdominal tension, mild yellow and white tongue coating, rapid dehydration of the body, yellow urine color, the course of disease is generally about 2 to 5 days.

    In this case, first stop feeding for one day, and then give vegetable soup, nutrition cream and other easily digestible liquid food 24 hours later. Also can use the medicine that is good for stomach and digestion, improve the problem of the stomach. The dog can be fed 4-5 times a day before the dog is 1 year old, and the number of times can be appropriately reduced when the dog is an adult. And after the dog uses the bowl, it must be cleaned and disinfected to avoid bacteria breeding on the bowl.

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