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    Sugar is a source of calories for the dog. If the dog is short of sugar for a long time, it may cause the dog to lose weight, but excessive intake will also have a certain impact on them, so we should control the sugar intake at ordinary times. Let’s talk about how sugar affects dogs.

    Sugar is broken down into glucose and absorbed into the blood. Too much sugar in the blood forms glycogen in the liver and muscle. Glycogen can also be converted into glucose and enter the blood according to the needs of the body. When it is hungry or cold, the body’s glycogen is reduced, and sugar needs to be supplemented in time. Although the body can form sugar in the decomposition products of protein and fat, the starch in the feed can meet the needs of the body for sugar as soon as possible. In general, meat and fish should account for one-third of the dog’s food, and rice, steamed bread and other plant feed should account for one-third to one-half of the dog’s food, which can be used as its main food.

    If there is a lack of carbohydrates, the pup will develop slowly, but if there is too much, it will become fat in the body and stored up, and it will become a fat dog. In particular, young dogs have a strong appetite, and unconsciously they will eat too much sugar food. During their development, if their weight grows rapidly, it will cause pressure on their limbs and form deformities. Therefore, when feeding large-scale puppies, special attention should be paid to the intake of carbohydrates to avoid affecting the development of the skeleton.

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