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    According to statistics, the life span of a dog is about 8-16 years, but the dog with the longest life span is 30 years old, which is equivalent to that of a human being over 200 years old. How long can a dog live? It depends on the breed, lifestyle, gender and size of the dog.

    How long can the dog live? As we all know, pedigree is an important factor in determining the price of dogs. The price of dogs labeled as pure pedigree is very expensive, but do you know? Mixed breed dogs live longer, are more resistant, and are healthier. Now those so-called pedigrees are all cultivated by businesses, while strings are naturally evolved pedigrees, which are more suitable for today’s living environment.
    2. The size of the dog is also one of the reasons that determine how long the dog can live. Generally, the life span of small and medium-sized dogs is relatively long, about 14-16 years. The life span of large dogs is only about 10 years. Because the growth speed of large dogs is faster than that of small and medium-sized dogs, the smaller the size of the dog, the longer it will live.
    3. Different lifestyles also determine how long a dog can live. Reasonable diet, daily care, proper exercise and the owner’s company are all the reasons that affect the dog’s life span. Moreover, dogs raised indoors live longer than dogs raised outdoors, that is to say, domestic dogs live longer than stray dogs.
    4. The life span of the neutering dog is longer than that of the not neutering dog. The neutered female dog can avoid pyometra, ovarian cyst, mastitis and other diseases due to the removal of the uterus. Male dogs can avoid prostate cyst and hypertrophy after neutering.

    The dog has been with us for more than ten years, and we have a lifetime. So we must take good care of it and let it grow healthily.

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