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    Many parents should also have heard about the situation of renal failure in Pomeranian dogs. For renal failure, everyone will think that it is an incurable disease, and basically it can not be cured well. Of course, renal failure is a very serious disease, but if we treat and care properly, dogs can survive for a long time. How long can a Pomeranian live with renal failure? What is renal failure?

    Parents should understand the disease first. The so-called dog renal failure, in fact, is the dog’s renal function decline. There are many causes of the disease, mainly including dog’s own ischemia, including dehydration, renal vascular abnormalities (such as vascular torsion, embolism and infarction). Moreover, nephrotoxic substances include endogenous toxins, exogenous toxins and drugs. There are also primary kidney diseases, including infectious (leptospirosis, pyelonephritis, canine infectious hepatitis, etc.), immune-mediated diseases (acute glomerulonephritis, systemic lupus erythematosus), and tumors (lymphoma).

    Generally speaking, the family’s Pomeranian got renal failure is generally related to three reasons: heredity, poisoning and infectious diseases. If the parents of Pomeranians have renal failure, then the puppies will have a high probability of inheritance, followed by food poisoning, drugs, etc.

    However, this should be due to the relationship between the treatment and the quality of care. If the owner actively and safely treats, and the original physical fitness of the Pomeranian is good, at the same time, pay attention to the dog’s diet, such as eating prescription food. Of course, we should also pay attention to controlling the weight and exercise intensity of the dog, which will greatly prolong the survival period of Bomei dog with renal failure. As long as we take proper care of it, Bomei dog can accompany us for a long time.

    In fact, what we don’t want to see is that many parents hear that dogs suffer from renal failure, and think that the cost of treatment is relatively high, and they may not recover after treatment, so parents will choose to abandon the dog, which is undoubtedly that on the dog’s fragile body, it’s too pitiful to stab him severely again. So we call on everyone to help the dog treat the disease as much as possible.

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