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    Alaska is a large dog. Among many kinds of dogs, the appearance is a kind of handsome dog. Because Alaska is strong and has excellent personality, it is gentle to treat small animals and human beings, so many families like to raise Alaska. So if Alaska gets sick, can it survive with liver ascites? How long can Alaska live with ascites?

    Ascites is one of the most common diseases in Alaska. There are many causes of ascites in Alaska, but it is not a single disease, usually caused by many diseases. Like liver cirrhosis, heart and lung problems can lead to ascites. The most common one is cirrhosis. At this time, the blood flow in the liver will be blocked, and then the portal vein pressure will gradually become higher. At this time, the water in the blood vessels will enter the abdominal cavity. In addition, the liver cannot synthesize more protein, which will cause the decrease in the blood fluid, and finally the water will flow into the abdominal cavity and all parts of the body Fang. Dogs’ ascites can’t heal itself. We must go to the hospital to check whether it is caused by cirrhosis, cardiopulmonary problems or low protein. Then we can find a treatment plan.

    Many parents will ask, can Alaska survive if it has liver ascites? How long can I live? The short-term survival is OK, but the specific survival time is mainly based on its own situation and the care of the owner. If the dog’s physical quality is good, and the liver ascites is still in the early stage and the owner’s care is proper, in this case, it can be cured.

    So after dogs get diseases, parents must not give up treatment first. Sometimes it seems to be a very serious disease, but if properly taken care of, it can still be cured. It may cost more, but the dog will appreciate it.

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