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    Gold Gourami is a small ornamental fish species, mild temperament, not aggressive, so it is welcomed by many friends. I believe that the friends who raise the Saussurea will pay close attention to the life span of the Saussurea. Following will talk about the life span of Gold Gourami.

    Gold Gourami is a kind of small ornamental fish with a life span of about two years. First of all, the life span of the yellowtail is related to feeding. Reasonable feeding can make the yellowtail grow healthily. Generally, the yellowtail can be fed with feed, small fish, shrimp, red worm, etc., so if you want to raise the yellowtail, you need to pay attention to what the yellowtail eats first.

    There is also a great relationship between the life span and the environment. Gold Gourami likes to be quiet, so when raising Gold Gourami, you need to arrange some water plants or rockery in the tank for Gold Gourami to hide. In a comfortable environment, the life span of Gold Gourami can reach a relatively long time.

    In addition, the life span of yellowtail is related to mixed culture. It is inevitable that there will be fights when mixed culture, which has a certain impact on the life span of yellowtail. Therefore, unreasonable mixed culture will also lead to the shortening of life span of Gold Gourami.

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