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    Rabies is extremely dangerous. It’s almost impossible for a dog to be cured, so people say rabies is an absolute 100% chance of death. So how long can a rabies dog live? How can we find out in time? Maybe it can be judged according to what conditions it has this disease. Often, dogs don’t want to eat at first, they have no spirit, and sometimes they are very excited.

    1. The dog’s temperament changes suddenly, and he is often excited about how long can the rabies dog live? In fact, it has something to do with the dog’s own constitution. A good constitution may last longer. When it comes to rabies, the word “Crazy” is used. We can understand that dogs with this disease usually behave in some crazy state. At first, a dog with a gentle disposition will suddenly, for a period of time, find that he likes barking when he meets anyone, not to mention that he may bite people at will in the street. And this kind of biting is often without cause. Even if no one provokes it, it will automatically attack people. If you find that the dog around you has this state, you must pay attention, especially look after the children around you.

    2. How long can a rabies dog live if he doesn’t want to eat and likes to run around? In fact, it has something to do with the dog’s mental state. For example, we will find that the mental state is usually abnormal and out of control. Besides biting people, they like running around. And it’s going to be aimless running. At the same time, because of mental state problems, sometimes people can not understand the phenomenon of walking. The dog’s appetite will also be driven by such a state, become extremely poor. To what extent? Almost just a few bites. At the same time, they will suddenly be interested in drinking water.

    3. Saliva began to become more, like to touch his mouth wound rabies dogs can live long? What are the characteristics? All sorts of strange phenomena begin to happen to it. For example, when eating every time, the amount of saliva began to increase. That’s because there’s something wrong with the dog’s pituitary gland. ? because multiple organs of the body are infected by the virus, there will be many abnormalities. For example, we will find that dogs have difficulty breathing. In terms of behavior, dogs have become more and more fond of touching their wounds with their mouths. Or use all the hard things around to touch.

    It should be said that time will not be too long! When we find that it has rabies symptoms, first of all, please take care of it and don’t let it hurt others. After all, we have been together for a long time, and we also have feelings. If we can cure it, we should try to find a doctor. If the doctors are clear that they can’t live, that’s the only way.

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