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    We all know that with the improvement of living standards and medical standards, the life span of dogs has become longer and longer, so how long can Yorkshire dogs live? According to the survey report, the average life expectancy of Yorkshire is 14 years at present. In fact, as long as we develop good living habits and the owner’s careful care, the longevity of dogs is not a problem.

    Although many owners think that they have given all their love to dogs, some small details in the daily maintenance process may threaten the health of dogs. For example, the owners think that dogs only have dog food to eat, which is too poor, so when they eat, they will also bring some food to the dogs. However, the salt and oil content of the food eaten by humans has exceeded that of dogs In the range of lotus, if you eat the food on the table for a long time, the dog will have hair loss, urinary system diseases, etc., and longevity will naturally become an unreachable dream. While some owners pay attention to the dog’s scientific diet, they ignore their psychological needs.

    Sometimes they leave the dog on the side because they are busy with their work. In the long run, the dog is likely to suffer from depression and other psychological diseases, and such a dog may not live long. For many people’s concerns about whether sterilization can prolong the life of dogs, experts say that the average life span of a dog who has undergone sterilization is 1-2 years longer than that of a dog who has not.

    Moreover, a dog who has undergone sterilization can also avoid diseases such as pyometra, ovarian cancer and testicular cancer. Therefore, if you want your dog to live a long life, you can’t apply your ideas to your dog. Scientific maintenance is the best way to extend your dog’s life.

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