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    Zebrafish life span, no matter what pets, breeders hope that they can always be with us. Let’s talk about the life span of zebrafish. In fact, the life span of small ornamental fish is not very long, and zebrafish is no exception. But good breeding methods can appropriately extend the life span of zebrafish.

    Attention should be paid to zebrafish feeders. Feeding support or other reasons will have a certain impact on the life of zebrafish, and what zebrafish eat is one of the reasons that affect the life of zebrafish. Zebrafish is small in size and about 4cm in mature size. In terms of feeding, it should try to ensure the diversity of food. Zebrafish like to forage in the upper waters, and they are not picky about the food. All kinds of fish and insects or artificial feed are good choices, but when choosing artificial feed, it is better to remember that artificial feed is generally one of the more difficult to digest food.

    According to the experience, the life span of zebrafish is about 2-3 years. In the process of breeding zebrafish, zebrafish will also have many small problems, which will greatly reduce the life of zebrafish. Zebrafish belongs to the type of low temperature and low oxygen, although the water temperature and quality will not be too high, once there is a problem, it is easy to cause fatal injury, so if you want zebrafish to have a long life, you must pay attention to the water temperature. In addition to water temperature, water quality is also a factor affecting the life of zebrafish. Although zebrafish do not have high requirements for water quality, they also need to change the water once a week, and pay attention to the breeding density. If the density of zebrafish is not properly controlled, the water quality will easily deteriorate. According to the mixing degree of zebrafish, a good water exchange law can be formed. Deal with food residue and feces in special aquarium in time.

    Although the life span of zebrafish is not very long, in the process of mixing with other tropical fish species, it is necessary to know how to raise zebrafish. Zebrafish not only will not attack other species, but also the breeding conditions are not very strict. It can be said that it is one of the small tropical fish that is very suitable for mixing.

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