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    Usually, the life span of a pug is between 12 and 15 years. However, if the dog is properly raised, it can even live to be over 20 years old. What should owners do to make their dog live longer?

    1. Scientific feeding. In the process of raising dogs, the owner should pay great attention to the feeding of dogs. In addition to feeding them with suitable food (for example, you need to know which food can be fed to dogs, which food can only be fed less, which food can not be fed to dogs at all, and adjust the food properly according to the actual situation of dogs, etc.), the owner should also do a good job of regular feeding (for example Feed the dog regularly and quantitatively) so that the dog can have a healthy body. If you don’t know how to feed a pug, the owner can consult the industry.

    2. Proper exercise. Proper exercise can exercise the dog’s body and improve the resistance. However, the owner should pay attention to that the amount of exercise should not be too large, otherwise it may bring adverse effects to the dog.

    3. Do a good job in sanitation. Do a good job in sanitation of pagos to keep them away from some diseases. For example, we all know that there are many wrinkles on the face of pagos, which are easy to contain dirt and filth. If the sanitation work is not done well, they may suffer from skin diseases, etc. Of course, the owners should not only ensure that the dog folds clean and tidy, but also do a good job of oral and body hygiene.

    4. Regular deworming and immunization can prevent dogs from being disturbed by parasites and some infectious diseases. If dogs want to live a long and healthy life, their owners should not neglect these two aspects. There are many other factors that affect the dog’s life span. For example, the dog’s mood. If the dog keeps a happy mood, the dog will live longer. In addition, the adaptability of dogs to human society and other factors may also affect the life span of dogs, so the owner must pay attention to it.

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