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    Tiger Barb is bright in color, generally light yellow, with golden back and bright red dorsal and ventral fins. There are four black striped patterns on the body of the fish. The price is not high. It’s easy to raise, and it’s very popular with fish friends. How long does a Tiger Barb fish live?

    Life Span of Tiger Barb

    The key to how long Tiger Barb fish can live lies in the feeding of Tiger Barb fish, so if you want to raise Tiger Barb fish well, you need to be really familiar with its living habits, including feeding temperature, feeding environment, and what kind of bait is the best for Tiger Barb fish; although the food of Tiger Barb fish is miscellaneous, it prefers to eat live bait such as fish worms, water earthworms and some dry feed. Tiger Barb fish is easy to move and likes to live in groups, so the fish tank should be large when raising. However, because adult fish will attack other fish, Tiger Barb fish is not suitable to be mixed with other fish, and it is suitable to live in groups with the same kind of fish, but not too dense.

    Tiger Barb is a tropical fish that likes high temperature and high oxygen, so the water temperature is best in the range of 24-28 ℃, the minimum temperature is not lower than 18 ℃, and sufficient oxygen should be maintained. Keep in mind that the water temperature changes from high to low. If the temperature difference is too large, it will easily lead to white spot disease. If it is found that the Tiger Barb fish has white spot disease, it should be treated in time, so as to help the Tiger Barb fish live longer.

    Although the Tiger Barb is more suitable for the same kind of social life, it is very beneficial to mix the Tiger Barb with several small ornamental fish with similar temperament when the conditions allow. The life span of Tiger Barb is not determined by one-sided factors. As long as we are familiar with the living habits of Tiger Barb, know how to raise piranha well, often pay attention to the changes of piranha, and timely find out whether the piranha is sick, we can make the Tiger Barb fish live longer. If we raise it well, it can live for five years.

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