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    When you just arrive at a strange environment, you can’t help being unadapted, nervous and flustered. The same is true for dogs. A smart Labrador comes to a new environment, which also needs a period of time to adapt and gradually get familiar with the environment. Of course, the time to be familiar with the environment is uncertain. Some Labradors take a long time, while others can adapt to the new environment in a few hours and two days a day. How long Labrador can adapt to a new environment, in addition to relying on the character and ability of Labrador Retriever itself, is closely related to factors such as the feeding of new owners and the environment. If you want Labrador Retriever to get familiar with the new environment as soon as possible, parents will have to pay a little attention.

    1. Don’t disturb Labrador Retriever frequently and disturb its life. Just arrived at a new environment, larado is bound to be on guard together. Too frequent contact with larado will make it more nervous and flustered. Therefore, to provide Labrador Retriever with a relatively quiet and comfortable environment is the basis for her to get familiar with her new home as soon as possible.

    2. Master the correct method to contact with Labrador. Just because you don’t disturb your Labrador often doesn’t mean you don’t “harass” it. At this time, parents should pay attention to the ways and means of contact with Labrador Retriever, for example, feeding Labrador Retriever regularly and quantitatively every day, and caressing Labrador Retriever gently in their spare time, so that it can have trust in the owner, so that it can be better familiar with the owner, and eliminate the vigilance of the new environment.

    Finally, try to avoid strangers disturbing Labrador Retriever. As a parent, when Labrador Retriever just gets home, she must stop strangers from disturbing her. Of course, after Labrador Retriever is familiar with the environment, you can invite some friends to visit Labrador Retriever, and this can also be a good training and training for Labrador Retriever to treat strangers correctly.

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