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    In the aspect of raising Border Collies, in addition to taking care of the good food and drink, there are also things like kennels and daily necessities, and vaccines are also very important. No matter what kind of dog it is, it must be vaccinated when it comes back. It is also responsible for the dog and his family. How many months does it take to vaccinate Border Collies? When it comes to vaccination, many parents should also have some questions. Although the social vaccine has been popularized and everyone knows the importance of vaccination, they don’t know when it will be better, later or earlier?

    Under normal circumstances, we don’t need to rush to get vaccinated at the small border. First, we need to let the small border adapt at home for a period of time, because when the small border comes to the new home, it is strange to everything in the new home, and it will worry about fear, that is, there may be stress reaction, leading to the decline of immunity. At this time, it is not suitable for vaccinating Yes, it can be in the new home for about half a month. The small border is fully adapted to vaccination.

    In addition, the vaccination can be carried out when the dog is about 2 months old. If some parents feel that the time is too early to be reassured, they can consider postponing the time a little later. It is better to vaccinate the dog before 3 months. If conditions permit, we can take imported injection, with better effect. Finally, we can take another rabies vaccine.

    In the end, when vaccinating Border Collies, you should also know when the vaccine is not available, such as during illness, and within a week after bathing, etc. in this case, the immunity of small border dogs is not available.

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