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    We all know that large dogs with large size can produce many dogs in one litter, but small dogs can’t. the number of dogs in one litter is very limited. Compared with other small and medium-sized dogs, the Shiba Inu belongs to the breed with large number. How many dogs can be born in one litter? How many puppies can a Shiba Inu give birth to?

    Although there are many Shiba Inu, generally speaking, the number of Shiba Inu is not very large when they give birth to the first child, but it will be about 3 to 4 under normal circumstances. Of course, sometimes they can only give birth to one or two, which is also very normal. But when they give birth to the second and later, they will be more stable, and the number of Shiba Inu is relatively large, which may be maintained at 7 to 1 About 0, but when we get older, the number will start to decrease again, so the number of production in different time periods is different.

    When a Shiba Inu gives birth to a baby, the owner must take care of it more carefully. After all, there are many babies, so the physical requirements for it are relatively strong. If the physical consumption is too large, it will easily cause dystocia and so on. So if the Shiba Inu wants to give birth to a baby easily, the owner must help the dog, especially the dog Don’t be hungry when giving birth. You must feed it. You can eat some liquid food or milk powder. Then you need to supplement nutrition. You need to eat some vitamins and calcium tablets. Only when the nutrition keeps up, can it be conducive to the production of dogs.

    Shiba Inu is relatively easy to give birth to, but it doesn’t need to worry about giving birth to a baby, but during pregnancy, it must let the dog take a walk more, so that it can effectively prevent dystocia when giving birth, and it is easier to give birth to some dogs, but it must not be allowed to exercise violently.

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