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    After weaning, the puppies can be divided into litter. At this time, the puppies from relying on breast milk to completely independent life, the living environment has changed a lot, in addition to being nursed, to a completely unfamiliar environment, is a very important step.

    When the puppies come to the new environment, they are often in high mental tension due to fear. Any loud noise and animals may frighten them. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid loud noise, let alone multiple people watching and teasing out of curiosity. It’s best to put it directly into the kennel or arrange a rest place indoors, and then approach it after a period of time. The best time to get close to the dog is to feed it. At this time, you can push the food to the pup’s eyes, treat it with a gentle tone, or gently stroke its coat. The food should be the dog’s favorite food, such as meat and bones. If it goes out of the kennel or walks freely in the room, it indicates that it has initially adapted to the new environment.

    In addition, two things must be paid attention to from the beginning: one is to sleep in a fixed place for training dogs; the other is to urinate in a fixed place for training dogs. Dogs have the habit of thinking it’s safest to go to the place where they sleep for the first time after coming to a new environment. Therefore, when sleeping on the first night, it is necessary to close in the kennel or the designated sleeping place indoors, even for adult dogs. After a few days, it will be fixed. If it is occasionally found sleeping in other places, it should be carried back to the original place.

    Puppies can adapt to the new environment after 3 to 5 days. During this period, we need to be friendly, not to lose our temper and scold it. If the pup does something according to the owner’s request, it should be rewarded in time to let it know that it is the owner’s favorite thing. If it does something wrong, it will know that it is not allowed by the owner as long as it says “no” seriously.

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