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    Dogs’ sleep frequency is 45 minutes, which is half of the human’s. The body and brain are in the state of “heterogeneous sleep” and “non heterogeneous sleep” repeatedly. Waking and non sleeping state play a role of connection, generally non sleeping state accounts for about 80% of sleep.

    That is: 1. Enter into the sleep state vaguely; 2. Start to sleep slightly; 3. Enter into deep sleep; 4. Deep sleep, which is classified into 1-4 stages, to recover fatigue and eliminate stress response, improve immunity and tidy up damaged tissues; 5. Then the stage when the body is ready to get up.

    Because they live together with humans, dogs and their owners have the same lifestyle, so they have the same sleep. But because the sleep frequency of dogs is shorter than that of humans, so there is more time in the process of sleep. Even if the owner calls his dog in the middle of the night, the dog will react immediately, and then continue to sleep.

    If the owner’s life rule is to stay up in the daytime and stay up at night, the dog will also reverse its sleep habits day and night, but this will fundamentally disturb the dog’s internal clock. For the sake of the dog’s health, such owners should consider changing their own life rules.

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