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    The regular bath can not only help the dogs keep clean, but also keep them away from some diseases. Therefore, the owners should not neglect to bathe the dogs. Many people may ask, how often should we take a bath for dog?

    In fact, it depends on the actual situation. For example, in summer, the owner may take a bath with the dog every 7-10 days; in winter, the owner can take a bath for the dog every 3 weeks; in addition, if the dog is covered with dirt and other dirty things when playing outside, the owner also needs to take a bath for the dog Note that the owner should not bathe the dog frequently, because it may make the dog more vulnerable to skin diseases.

    When the conditions at home allow and the owner knows how to help the dog bathe, the owner can help the dog bathe at home. When bathing the dog at home, the owner needs to pay attention to many things, such as keeping the dog warm in the low temperature season, not using your bath gel for the dog, but using the special bath gel for the dog, the water temperature should be suitable, and drying the hair for the dog after the bath. When bathing a pug, the owner can also check the dog’s body by the way. You can check whether there are parasites or wounds on the dog’s body. If so, you must deal with them in a timely manner. In the case of being unable to deal with it, the owner should seek the help of the veterinarian at the first time, so as to prevent the dog from further injury. If the conditions at home are not suitable or the owner does not know how to bathe the dog, it is a good choice to take the dog to the pet shop to bathe!

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