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    Many parents have different ideas. Some parents hope to make their dogs have fertility and find the right dogs to mate and give birth to. But some parents think that when their border collie reaches the age, they will directly neuter the dog and not let the dog bear. How old is the border collie better to be neutered?

    Generally speaking, the neutering time is better when the dog is just mature, and the mature time is generally when the dog is seven or eight months old. At this time, after neutering, the dog’s good speed is faster. However, the sexual maturity time of male and female dogs is also different. Relatively speaking, the sexual maturity of female dogs is later, and neutering can be considered after 8 months.

    Under normal circumstances, if our parents don’t allow Border Collies to have children, it’s better to neuter them. Because if Border Collies don’t have children, it’s hard for dogs to survive every time they have estrus, and if they don’t neuter, it will affect the diseases on the dog’s urine, such as urinary stones, etc. That bitch’s words are even more serious. She may suffer from uterine diseases. So I suggest that you should neuter the dog and be responsible for the dog’s body.

    However, although it is suggested that neutering dogs, not all dogs are suitable for neutering. It depends on the dog’s own constitution. If the animal’s constitution is not good, neutering is very harmful. So parents should also check the dog before neutering.

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