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    The dog just brought home may be about one month old, and it wants to drive the dog away. But it’s too early for the dog’s health. If it’s too late, it’s too late for the dog to drive. In case of flea or other insects, it’s not only pets that suffer, but also people at home will be bitten by fleas. Generally speaking, how long can a puppy do deworming? How old is the puppy going to start deworming?

    1. In vivo deworming: The puppies will start to deworming in the body about 3 months. It is better to deworming once a month for puppies of 3-6 months. After 6 months, the puppies can deworming once every 3 months or 6 months according to the health conditions. If the puppies are in the period of vaccination, they can deworming only one week after the vaccination. In addition, they should fast before the deworming. The puppies can be fed 1-2 hours after taking the deworming medicine. Then pay attention to the dog feces and check them See if the parasite is discharged.

    2. Insect repellent in vitro: Generally, in vitro insect repellent refers to the skin, coat and infection (fleas, lice, ticks) of dogs. It can be detected by turning over the coat of dogs. If it is found, insect repellent should be carried out in time, or fleas are easy to infect humans. In vitro insect repellent generally uses, etc. These are drops, which are also the most widely used in the market at present The effect is also good. When you buy the medicine and drop it on several parts of the dog, it will enter the blood to kill the parasite and prevent it from being infected again. The prevention period is about 2-3 months. There is also a kind of medicine bath that saves money. You can also use a watering can to effectively eliminate the external parasite and even treat some skin infections, but the side effects are large It is not a special recommendation. Please follow the instructions and the proportion of water before use. Do not use blindly to avoid dog discomfort.

    Generally speaking, deworming can’t be carried out too early. About three months later, the dog also has some resistance of its own. At this time, deworming is similar. In addition, if you haven’t done deworming, try not to let the dog go out. When you go out, it’s more likely to infect the insects and eggs, resulting in the suffering of the pet.

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