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    Alaska is a very family dog, with a very mild personality. Some Alaskans are more active, and they will rush to their parents and lick their parents’ faces. Once there is halitosis in Alaska, it will be like a biochemical crisis for the owner. How to treat halitosis? First of all, we need to find out what causes the halitosis. How to treat Alaska halitosis?

    In Alaska, over three years old, 80% have the same dental and gum problems. If not treated in time, these problems can lead to bad breath, swollen gums, bleeding, eating difficulties, and tooth loss and so on. 85% of halitosis is caused by oral infection. Excessive use of sulfur-containing amino acids increases the proportion of them in salivary protein, exfoliated cells and food residues, which leads to excessive reproduction of bacteria. The metabolism of bacteria produces a volatile, decaying smell of sulfur.

    Alaska gastrointestinal problems, such as dogs burping, smell directly out of the digestive tract. Generally speaking, those strange smells are caused by different substances decomposed in the blood during digestion, and then they spread to the exhaled air through the pulmonary capillary. And when the respiratory tract infects the kidney dysfunction, the excess ammonia gas spreads to the lung through the blood way, and is discharged by exhaling. When the diabetes has the symptom of acidosis, as before, it will eventually lead to the sour taste of the mouth.

    How can we deal with the problem of pet halitosis? We can only prevent it in four ways:
    1. Brush your teeth frequently in Alaska to remove the food residue in your mouth.

    2. Eat less wet food or food that will stick to your teeth.

    3. The time of diet should be fixed to avoid gastrointestinal problems caused by the time is not fixed.

    4. Give physical examination to Alaska regularly, at least once a year, find out problems in time and treat them as soon as possible.

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