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    When the pet starts a series of abnormal actions, such as scratching the ear, shaking the head, etc., you should not neglect that the pet’s ear may be uncomfortable due to abnormal secretion, unpleasant smell, etc. At home, how to apply medicine to pet qinger has become a topic of concern to everyone. How to apply the medicine? What should we pay attention to? Following will talk about how to clean the ears and apply medicine to pets.

    1. After observing the abnormal secretion of pet’s ear, it’s better to confirm the cause of the disease first.

    2. Take a cotton swab sample for microscopic examination to determine the cause of the disease.

    3. Use the otoscope to observe whether the ear is abnormal.

    4. After determining the cause of the disease, make sure the medication cycle and dosage, and clean the ear. (for the pet whose ear hair is too dense and affects the health of the ear, the ear hair can be removed first); the “L-shaped” ear canal of the dog is filled with a large amount of ear washing water until the ear canal is filled and pressed against the auricle, gently massage the ear root, and then let the animal shake its head and shake the earwax out. Wipe off the excessive liquid and earwax in the outer ear canal with paper towel or cotton ball (do not use cotton swab!) The ear washing water can be used repeatedly until the ear canal is cleaned.

    5. Apply medicine. (It can be applied after ear washing) Apply medicine to the part close to the ear cavity on the face. Note: the owner should adhere to the principle of applying medicine to pet strictly according to the cycle to maintain the health of pet’s ear canal and thoroughly clean the ear canal, so as to avoid recurrence! At the same time, pay attention to the cleaning of pet’s environment, reduce the damage to pet’s ears caused by ventilation, humidity, parasites, etc!

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