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    To get close to strange dogs, it’s better to ask the owner about the dog’s usual habits. Not all dogs are as gentle as golden retrievers. Therefore, when we meet strange dogs on the road, we should not approach them rashly, especially for some stray dogs. Because it’s hard to know whether the land we pass has offended their territory. If we approach them step by step at this time, it’s likely that dogs will mistakenly think that we want to invade their territory, and then we will be attacked by them. Dogs usually have a strong dependence on their owners, so when we get close to a strange dog, the best owners are also present.
    In this way, we can first ask whether the dog bites people at ordinary times, would you like strangers to touch it, and then slowly send a signal to it to approach, such as calling their name, and then slowly approach it, and observe the dog’s response when approaching. If you need to get close to the dog to see a doctor, you should let the dog see the doctor first, and don’t use unexpected approach, which will frighten the dog and hurt others. After approaching the dog, we can gently touch the back of the dog with the palm of our hand, which can not only make the dog feel at ease, but also have a great hiding space even if the dog bites back. Wait until the dog is quiet before you can check it.

    If you find that the dog’s mood is not good, you should try not to approach the dog. In the process of approaching the dog, you should pay attention to the following points:
    1. First ask the owner about the dog’s usual character and habits, whether it bites, whether there are sensitive parts that others are not willing to touch. If there are any, you should try to avoid them.
    2. During the process of approaching the dog, it is necessary to observe the behavior of the dog. If the dog is quite frightened or angry and grins, and there is a slight low roar, you should be very careful.
    3. When approaching the dog, it’s better not to hold the items that are easy to stimulate the dog, such as those that are very shiny or can make a sound, so as not to make the dog feel uneasy. In addition, it is also forbidden to make threatening or abrupt actions to avoid the dog’s defensive response or stimulation. If it’s not necessary, it’s better not to get close to those bad tempered varieties.

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