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    The dog said that the sleep quality is also very important. To make the dog sleep comfortably, you need to arrange a dog’s nest for the dog to make them feel safe. Following will arrange a way for you to arrange a dog’s nest to make the dog feel comfortable.

    General kennels can be divided into small kennels with simple design and open type, and large kennels with fine design and playground. No matter what kind of kennel, it is required to be strong, transparent, ventilated and convenient for dogs to enter and exit. Small kennels can be placed in a corner of the balcony or garden. Railings are required around the garden to prevent the dog from escaping. The kennel should be placed on a hard ground that is sheltered from wind and direct sunlight. The kennel shall be higher than the ground to prevent humidity, and the top of the kennel shall be inclined slightly, which is conducive to rainwater flowing down. The top of the kennel may be slightly extended out of the wall to prevent rainwater from dripping in. Around the kennel, there should be both sunrise and shade. If the dog is tied up, the chain for tying the dog should be of a certain length, so that the dog can walk freely inside and outside the house.

    In order to clean convinient, a detachable roof can be used. The high-end kennel is divided into two rooms, one of which is for sleeping and is padded with warm bedding; the other is larger, so the dog can stand, lie down and turn over freely in it. The large kennel is larger than the small kennel and has a matching playground. Food, drinking water and a small amount of toys can be placed in the house. The playground should be connected to the kennel with a high fence to prevent the dog from escaping.

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