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    How can pet owners protect their pets from some physical injuries under intense exercise, especially for pets with large amount of exercise like dogs, which is a knowledge and an important lesson for pet owners to take good care of their pets.

    If you want to learn this course well, you should pay attention to the following points: Avoid dehydration. Just like people, pets also need to supplement water, especially in summer and during more vigorous sports such as running, so as to avoid water shortage in the body. If the body temperature is too high during exercise, heat exhaustion and shock, it is necessary to send the animal hospital for a drop of cooling.

    Avoid gastrointestinal motor injury. Do not let the pet do strenuous exercise immediately when he is extremely hungry or after a full meal, because in this way, the pet may have gastrointestinal diseases, but the results do not achieve the exercise effect, but hurt the pet’s body.

    Avoid burns. Although dogs have more fur than people, their sun protection awareness is far less than people. If you are exposed to the sun for a long time in summer and autumn, you may get sunburn, heat stroke and shock as well as skin cancer. Therefore, it is not allowed to choose the sport with pets in the hot sun. You can also ask the veterinarian to apply some protective sunscreen to the pets.

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