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    You can put a collar on the Labrador before you bathe it so that you can control it when you bathe. Let the dog stand firm in the special bathtub, dip some water to gently comb the hair on the dog, and then block the dog’s ears with the cotton ball after detoxification, so as to avoid water entering the ears when bathing. Slowly drench the dog with warm water to make the dog feel comfortable and quiet.
    Apply the shampoo from the pet shop on the dog’s body, gently scrub it, and hold the dog’s collar with one hand to prevent the dog from jumping out or getting water. Pour the shampoo into your hand and scrub your dog’s head more carefully. Be careful in the whole process. Don’t get the shampoo into your dog’s mouth and eyes. Although the shampoo sold in every pet shop is marked with “no eye irritation”, so far, there hasn’t been a shampoo that your dog likes, so the best way is to Please be careful.
    First cleans the dog’s head, and then cleans the dog’s body. Do not scratch the head. When you are sure that you have completely cleaned the residual lotion on the dog, use conditioner every time, because the acid-base balance conditioner is conducive to thoroughly cleaning the residual lotion on the dog. Otherwise, these things will cause itching on the dog’s skin.
    In the process of dog scratching, it is also easy to cause inflammation. Dry the dog with a large towel that can completely wrap the dog, remove the cotton ball from the dog’s ear, and wipe it clean. If the dog does not have skin disease, you can use the hair dryer “warm” to dry its hair, while blowing and combing the dog’s hair. If your dog is suffering from skin disease. Let the dog dry naturally without catching cold, because the hot air of the hair dryer will stimulate the itching of the affected part of the skin.

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