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    Alaskan sled dogs have long and thick hair, which is easy to be stained with dust and dirt. This requires parents to clean them regularly. Let’s have a look. Generally speaking, you can take a bath once every 7 days in hot summer and once every 2-3 weeks in cold winter. Alaska is big and bathing is a huge project, which requires parents to master the method.
    The first step of Alaskan sled dog is to play with Alaskan before taking a bath, relax its tension and rejection, and then prepare necessary bathing tools, such as comb, towel, bath gel, brush, hair dryer, bath basin, etc.
    The second step is to comb the hair of the Alaskan sled dog before bathing, remove some dirt from the hair, and straighten the hair, which is more conducive to parents bathing in Alaska.
    Third, after the hair is combed, parents should prepare bath water for it. Generally speaking, the Alaskan sled dog’s bath water temperature is best kept at about 40 degC. To determine whether the bath water temperature is appropriate, you can use the dog’s paw to test the water temperature first. If you don’t repel it, you can start to take a formal bath.
    Step 4: first wet the dog’s whole body with water, then apply the bath gel, and gently rub the dog’s whole body with both hands. It should be noted that the bath water should not be put into the dog’s eyes and ears, so as to avoid stimulating its emotions, which will lead to the abnormal bathing.
    Finally, after rubbing, clean the dog’s body thoroughly with water. It should be noted that no foam residue should be left, because it is not healthy for a dog’s fur. In addition, after cleaning, you should use a towel to wipe the water drops dry, and then use a hair dryer to dry the wet hair thoroughly to prevent the Alaskan sled dog from catching cold.

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