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    How to bathe a border collie? It needs to be bathed and cleaned regularly when raising a border collie. Parents don’t need to bathe it frequently, because it is easy to damage the protective layer on the skin and make the skin directly exposed to the outside and more vulnerable to bacterial and virus damage.

    Border Collies. First of all, parents should prepare relevant bathing tools. For example, bathtub, hair dryer, towel, comb, bath gel and so on. Before taking a bath, you should also communicate with the dog to relax his nervous and exclusive mood. At the same time, you need to comb his hair. After the hair is smooth and the dog’s mood is stable, start taking a bath.
    Second, we need to prepare bath water for Border Collies. The bathing water temperature is generally the same as that of the nomads. In hot summer, the water temperature can be a little lower, while in winter, the water temperature is a little higher. Before taking a bath, let the dog’s paw in the water to feel the water temperature. If the dog does not reject it, it can start to take a formal bath.
    Third, wet the body of the border collie with water, then apply bath gel, gently rub the body with both hands, and clean the dirt and dust on the hair. Parents’ rubbing should be slow and gentle, and the process of rubbing should be careful, especially when the limbs, abdomen and buttocks are clean. Finally, after rubbing, clean the dog’s body in good time and thoroughly clean the foam on its body. Then wipe the water drops on the hair with a towel, and finally dry the wet hair thoroughly with a hair dryer to prevent the dog from cold illness.

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