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    Bathing Husky is a good habit. It can not only take care of Husky’s skin, but also clean the dirt on his body to avoid parasites and skin diseases. Although it’s very tired to bathe husky, I think many dog owners think it’s worth it compared with the hard work to see husky.
    1. When you prepare to bathe husky, you’d better not put too much water in the tub. Because some dogs are afraid of water, they will feel uneasy when there is too much water. At the same time, when taking a bath for husky, it is best to use the medicinal shampoo recommended by the veterinarian, or general shampoo, but wash the soap liquid when cleaning, otherwise the residual soap liquid on the skin will cause skin inflammation. The first step is to grasp Husky’s collar with one hand to prevent him from jumping out of the bathtub. You can put a layer of things on the bottom of the basin to prevent the dog from slipping. At the same time, use a cotton ball to scrub its ears during the bath. Grab the collar. Pour warm water on the dog.
    2: Hold the collar in one hand and apply the shampoo to the dog, except the head. Then rub the rich foam with your hands and gently massage the husky skin along the opposite direction of hair growth. Carefully and evenly rub the soap in the middle of the hair to remove dust and dead skin.
    3: Next, use both hands to clean up the head of the husky, wipe out the foam and gently massage its hair. You don’t have to hold it by the collar. When washing a dog’s head, take special care not to splash soap water on his eyes and mouth.
    4: Before washing Husky’s body, wash and dry his head, because when the dog’s hair gets wet, he will shake his head to dry the water. This will prevent it from throwing water all over you. Take special care when washing around Husky’s ears and eyes. Praise it in the process of washing.
    5: Wash the dog’s body with clean warm water, and wash its fur. Then wring the water out of Husky’s fur. After wring, dry it with a towel, and carefully dry the ears and the inner wall of the ears. Remember to dry the area under Husky’s collar.
    6: Dry Husky’s fur thoroughly with a towel. If your dog’s skin is healthy, you can dry it with a hair dryer. Adjust the hair dryer to the middle. If the dog doesn’t adapt, he can use words to calm him down. If little husky’s skin is itchy due to the high temperature of the hair dryer, do not use the hair dryer.

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