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    Before bathing the Papillon Dog, first brush the whole body to avoid more serious entangled hair. In particular, remove the hair knot, mud, tar and gum residue, and then squeeze the perianal gland (please ask the doctor for the correct squeezing method). Put a collar on the dog before you bathe it so that you can control it when you bathe. Ears can be used with cotton sticks or slivers (do not use cotton balls, otherwise wash to half. As soon as the dog shakes his head, the cotton ball falls) plug the T-shaped ear canal vertically. Let the dog stand stably in the special bathtub, first dip in the appropriate water temperature to wet the whole body, gently comb the hair on the dog, make the dog feel comfortable and quiet is the preparation for bathing.

    Papillon Dog dripped on hair scouring agent. First apply a scouring agent on the back, rub from the back to the buttocks, rub the foam in the whole body, and finally wash the dog’s head. Two ears, feet, chin and anus should be washed around. It is important to avoid foaming into the eyes of dogs. While gently scrubbing, hold the dog’s collar with one hand to prevent the dog from jumping out or getting water. Start flushing. The direction of flushing is to wash the dog’s head first, and then the dog’s body. Gradually wash the dog’s body from the head to the back. Don’t scratch the head. After washing, make sure that you wash the residual detergent on the dog completely. Dry the dog with a big towel that can completely wrap the dog. Remove the cotton ball from the dog’s ear and wipe it clean. Wipe with towel first, and then blow dry with hair dryer. Be sure to blow dry, or the dog will catch cold easily. If the dog has no skin disease, you can use the “warm” gear of the hair dryer to blow it dry. When blowing, you should comb the dog’s fur at the same time. If your dog is suffering from skin disease, let the dog dry naturally without catching cold, because the heat of the hair dryer will further stimulate the itching of the affected part of the skin. After drying, please remember to comb the dog’s hair. Finally, clean the dog’s eyes and ears with toilet paper.

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