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    One of the characteristics of ancient sheepdog is that it has a large coverage area, rich and textured coat. The result of long hair is that it’s easy to get dirty as well as good-looking. Therefore, how to bathe the ancient herdsman has become a worry for many people. It’s easier for the adult to bathe their puppies after training?

    1. Precautions. First of all, we need to make sure that the pup can not bathe until two months after birth and more than two weeks (as far as possible to three months) after vaccination.

    2. Preparations before bathing. It is better to take it out for a walk before bathing, so that it can discharge urine and feces

    3. Bathing process. Water temperature: 36 -38 degC warm water. Tools: sponge, dog hair washing agent; 3. Cleaning in a certain order: first remove the secretion around its anus. Then soak the sponge in the diluted detergent, wash the whole body from the beginning to the back, and then rinse it with water. (Note: do not let shampoo into eyes, mouth or nose.)

    4. Remember to blow dry in time after washing, because the resistance of the dog is still weak to prevent cold. Dog’s skin doesn’t sweat as easily as human’s, so don’t bathe it too often.

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