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    The Great Dane is born with noble and elegant temperament, but in the process of pet, the owner will often do beauty care for the dog. It is not only to make it clean and healthy, but also to make it more beautiful and noble. The Great Dane is a huge pet dog, which will add a lot of difficulties to the owner in the process of beauty treatment, but it is better than not to stop the owner’s determination of beauty treatment for the Great Dane. And every experienced breeder will also have a set of his own way to beautify the Great Dane.

    Although the large size of the Great Dane will add some difficulties to the cosmetology, due to the short hair of the Great Dane, it also saves some unnecessary troubles for cosmetology. To beautify a great dane, first of all, it is necessary to remove some dirt from its body. Therefore, combing hair and bathing are necessary cosmetic steps. The breeder should first comb the hair of the Great Dane, and then take a bath. In the process of bathing, the breeder should clean the dog’s eyes, ears, toes and other parts of the health.

    In daily life, the breeder should pay close attention to the sanitation of the eyes, ears and other parts of the dog, and clean the dog in time. To beautify a great dane, you need to comb its hair every day, but you can’t bathe it frequently. Especially in winter, when grooming the Great Dane, the breeder can not trim the hair on the dog too short, because the hair is the natural barrier for the Great Dane to resist the cold. If the hair is too short, the Great Dane is more vulnerable to the cold air and cold diseases. The diseased Great Dane lost its original beauty and nobility.

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