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    Guppy is a kind of good ornamental fish, so there are many fish lovers to raise this kind of fish. Moreover, Guppy is a kind of breed with strong reproduction ability. Many fans will try to breed Guppy. What should we do if we want to breed Guppy?

    1. Select excellent breeding fish. To choose a parent fish, we need to start from two aspects: appearance and blood line. In general, males should be selected with larger angle between caudal fins, brighter color and attractive appearance. In terms of body, they must be strong and symmetrical, with large tail stalks, and will chase females back and forth. In the case of female fish, the shape, color and shape of the tail fin can show the characteristics of the species. It is best to choose a female that has given birth to a larva. The abdomen of the female is very swollen and dark.

    2. Precautions during reproduction. When the Guppy reaches the reproductive stage, after the female fish is fertilized, the fertilized egg in the body matures, the abdomen will bulge, and the fetal spot will turn black. When the Guppy is about to give birth, it will show strong signs of giving birth, such as large and black fetal spot, protruding anus and female fish swimming upstream and downstream beside the aquarium. What you have to do is to keep the female and the male separately, because it is likely that the chase of the male will affect the production of the female. It is better to put some water grass in the fish tank to improve the survival rate of the fish. The temperature of the fish tank to be produced should be increased by 1-2 degC, and the baby will be born one or two days after stimulation. It’s worth noting that the mother fish eat the fish, and the water grass can provide a good shelter. It’s better to fish out as soon as possible after the birth of the mother fish.

    3. Survival of Guppy fry. Generally, the sex of the fish can be distinguished about three weeks after birth. Of course, if you can’t tell the gender in three weeks or even one month, you must be stunted. Generally speaking, the resolution of male and female can be judged by the spots on the base of tail fin of male, and the black spots on the lower abdomen of female are also easy to distinguish. If there are deformities, dysplasia and diseases in the front of the caudal fin, it is necessary to deal with them as soon as possible.

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