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    Dog puppies is a very important period in the growth of dogs. We often say that three-year-old dogs are fixed for life. It can be seen that the influence of childhood plays an important role in the future growth path. Therefore, we should instill a good idea for dogs from childhood, and shape them in a targeted way, so that dogs can have a healthy heart, cultivate their good psychological quality, and become an excellent dog. The psychological development of puppies is closely related to the environment. When the puppies meet the basic needs of survival or later, the puppies interact with the external environment. However, the puppies have little effect on the external environment during this period, which is mainly affected by various information from the external environment. Therefore, it is known that the living environment controlling the puppies’ role will affect the dogs’ understanding of the external environment. To build a perfect dog’s psychology, we can start from the following aspects:

    1. To satisfy the safe heart of the puppies is the basis of developing a healthy psychology, and “benefit and harm are the puppies’ only understanding of the outside world”. In the process of maintaining the survival of puppies, the feature of “seeking good and avoiding bad” is very prominent. However, at the age of two to six weeks, the sensory organs have been gradually improved, and the “imprint” learning method is playing a greater role. In this period, it is easy to form a stable and unchangeable memory for the external harmful stimulation. Therefore, in this period, we should create a safe environment so that the puppies will not be inadvertently stimulated or injured. What we should do is to establish a good relationship with the puppies, try to eliminate the possible injuries, so that the puppies are confident in growth. Many cases of shyness and neuroticism in adult dogs are often related to the harmful stimulation of young dogs. For puppies, safety is everything.

    2. The relationship between puppies is an important step in the psychological growth of dogs, which can promote the further development of senses and increase the ability of information exchange. The social habits of dogs are the basis of early life. However, the habits of adult dogs are more marked by the traces of puppies. For dogs before five weeks of age, because of small functional differences and very similar activities, it is not easy to hurt each other when communicating with each other, and in this period, the behaviors such as biting and chasing are the exercises of dog hunting instinct. Therefore, in this period, the places provided for dogs to stimulate dog exchanges, such as lawn, can promote the dog’s sense of space and enhance the pup’s body Force; changing the venue of puppies can also provide more opportunities for the dog’s game. From childhood to provide a safe environment for dogs.

    3. The guidance of dog’s individual consciousness is the key to dog’s psychological growth. In the growth period of six to nine weeks, with the appearance and aggravation of the differences in the body, the dog’s activities have a strong “self-awareness”, which is caused and characterized by food fights. The evolution and aggravation of dog’s individual consciousness leads to the puppies’ further understanding of themselves, resulting in the behavior based on the conditioned reflex activities, such as being afraid to eat the food that appears, and not to fight for possession of the items that are picked up. At this time, the dogs should be kept separately. It is very important to grasp this opportunity. It is necessary to choose a time when the behavior of puppies appears for a period of time but does not cause serious psychological pressure on puppies. This is a way to help build self-confidence. During separation, the puppies should keep visual contact first. To maintain their needs for the group. The isolation of space is the beginning of developing the personality of inferior dogs and making them possess the temperament of superior dogs. At this time, based on the feeding of dogs, the dog’s body is full of energy. Separate fences, barking and threatening exchanges with other dogs. In the process of collective feeding, the difference between superior and inferior dogs can be aggravated, which leads to inferior dogs’ neuroticism and lack of self-confidence. In contrast, very few dogs with very weak type or neurotic character are found in domestic dogs, which may have a lot to do with timely separation.

    Let dogs have a healthy psychology, for them has great benefits, and in the future training process will become easier, to find the right way to train, I believe that the future care of dogs will be a lot smoother.

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