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    Dogs are small animals with delicate emotions. They are very sensitive to human beings’ emotional changes. You will give all your love back to your dogs if you are good to them, but different dogs will have different personalities because of various factors such as growing environment. Some dogs are warm and cheerful, and can adapt to family life very quickly. Some dogs are slow and hot. It takes a period of time to get along with each other before they can gradually integrate into the new life. Following will talk about how to quickly build relationships with dogs to gain their trust.

    Don’t frighten the dog. You need to know that the dog you just brought home is very sensitive and timid in a strange environment, so you may have just wanted to play with him to frighten him, but you didn’t expect that your move would probably make him be prepared for you from now on.

    Pet the dog properly. The dog who just came to the new environment may like barking because of the lack of security, but parents should not scold him at will because of his barking. When he barks, parents can touch his head gently and caress him a lot. They should know that the dog can feel your touch when he feels your touch Love, so it will increase your trust and rely on you more.

    Always take your dog out for a walk. You should know that your dog likes to be free, so it’s best for parents to take your dog out for play when you are free, and run on the green with your partner. I believe it will be very happy. In addition, the outdoor air will be very good in general. In addition, if parents are going to travel and climb mountains to feel the nature, don’t forget the Mao child. It’s also yearning for green mountains and rivers, after all, it’s nature. This can also enhance its dependence on you, and gradually the relationship with you will further increase.

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