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    At first, the difficulty of training should not be too great. It can bring great benefits to the dog’s life and training to give the dog self-confidence. Some dogs like barking, which may be due to the dog’s timidity and lack of self-confidence. Many dogs choose hind legs when facing obstacles, and dogs will stagnate when there is a “gap” in front of them. These are all signs of dog’s lack of self-confidence. Once the dog crosses this psychological barrier, many obstacles will not be a big problem for them.
    1. In order for dogs to have a good faith in themselves frustration recovery, they often need the support of their owners, so that dogs can trust without hesitation. Therefore, we must strengthen our trust relationship with dogs, play with dogs more often, spend some time with dogs, and properly touch dogs to promote their trust.
    2. It’s foolish to do what you can. Some owners are extremely jealous when they see other dogs have such skills. But they didn’t consider the dog’s own physical factors. Some projects require the dog to have a strong physique and a certain speed. For many small dogs, no matter how you train, you can’t meet these requirements. However, no matter the owner criticizes the dog, not only can’t complete the training, but also can make the dog’s self-confidence frustrated and lose more than it deserves.
    3. Properly adjust the pressure. Try not to bring too much pressure to the dog in training, but not completely let it go freely. It’s good for training to give the dog some pressure properly.
    4. To create a good environment for dogs. We should try our best to create a situation where dogs can succeed, and provide a stage where dogs have a proper play, so that dogs can easily cross the obstacles in front of them, which will bring great power to dogs. For example, to let a dog cross an obstacle, first of all, it must be controlled to the extent that the dog is able to pass, and then reward the success of the dog. In the intangible, the dog’s confidence is improved, and then the difficulty is slowly increased.
    5. Properly encourage. When the dogs have certain self-confidence, the owners should avoid excessive protection, instead, encourage them to accept the challenge with higher difficulty, and fail immediately. As long as the owners can confirm the dog’s efforts and progress, and well accompany him to pacify his mood, review the points that the owners did not notice, and remember the lessons, we and the dogs We can also gain more trust and growth.
    6. Pay attention to the dog whose training times are can’t meet the owner’s requirements. Maybe you haven’t punished him, but accumulating too many failure experiences will also affect the dog’s psychology. Then we will choose to escape, so we also need to control the training time. If the dog fails many times in a certain training, it is better not to continue, let the dog slow down first. Other training with relatively low difficulty can be selected. If the dog performs well, it should be praised in time, so that the dog’s negative emotions will be relatively reduced. Wait for a while and then try the failed items before training. Don’t rush.

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