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    Alaskan dog’s hair can help them resist the cold winter, which has become a necessary condition for them to do sled dog, so how to care for the thick hair?

    First of all, we must strengthen the diet nutrition of Alaskan sled dogs, and prepare more protein rich food for them. Confirm that the food is rich in vitamin E, vitamin D and other nutrients. In daily life, you can also prepare algae, vegetables, lean meat, boiled egg yolk, vegetable oil and other food for dogs. Try to avoid or less feed high sugar, salt, starch food.

    Secondly, it must be combed regularly from childhood. Tools needed: scraping brush, needle brush, coarse tooth comb, rake comb. It can comb the dog’s hair every day, stimulate the blood circulation of Alaskan skin, and promote the growth of hair. Take Alaskan sled dogs out to the sun frequently, and exercise regularly to enhance the blood circulation of the dog’s body and promote the healthy growth of hair.

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