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    Alaska is a long haired dog, usually it looks handsome, but if the hair is not good, it will reduce the value of Alaska’s face a lot, so if the hair is dark, how can we change it? How to care for Alaska’s hair?

    1. The frequency of bathing in Alaska is at most twice a month. Frequent bathing will damage the normal pH and fragile cortical structure of the dog’s skin, which is easy to cause the dog’s skin to be dry, with dandruff, depilation, pruritus and other symptoms. And dogs have to take a bath with a special bath fluid, because the pH of their skin is different from that of people. Using human bath or shampoo will cause a series of problems such as dry skin, itching, sensitivity, dandruff and so on.

    2. Comb the pet’s hair regularly, so as to clean the naturally fallen hair. To ensure the removal of tangles and clumps, for those dogs with thick hair, it can increase the permeability of the skin and reduce the growth of bacteria and fungi.

    3. If Alaska gets wet, dry it as soon as possible (especially the ears), and at the same time, regularly care for the ears to avoid bacteria breeding from the ears, so as to prevent eczema and otitis externa.

    4. Dogs should take some pet specific skin care products to protect their fur. Salmon oil and seaweed powder are common in the market. 5. Dogs who often go outdoors should carefully check the body surface parasites, such as mites, fleas, lice, etc. Do insect repellent regularly.

    If the Alaskan skin itches, rolls, rubs against the corner of the table and scratches all over the body, this is generally a serious situation. We must see a doctor in time to avoid delaying the best treatment time.

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