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    Two ears of beagle dog are always drooping, covering the ear hole, so the ear canal is often not ventilated, which gives a good living environment for bacteria. Therefore, the owner of a beagle must pay attention to helping the dog clean the ear canal in time to avoid infection and inflammation. So let’s talk about how to care for Beagle’s ears.

    Before cleaning the ear canal, prepare relevant cleaning tools. For example, cotton swab, alcohol cotton ball, 3% sodium bicarbonate ear drops or 2% boric acid water, ear plucking powder and scissors for ear plucking. First, sprinkle some ear plucking powder into the ear canal, and then gently knead the ear canal by holding the dog’s ear, so as to better play the role of ear plucking powder. After 1-2 minutes, you can use scissors to start plucking ear hair for beagle dogs. Note that ear plucking should be done quickly and steadily, which will bring the least pain to beagles.

    After plucking the ear hair, if there is still earwax, drop some 3% sodium bicarbonate ear drops or 2% boric acid water into the dog’s ear canal, then gently knead the Beagle’s ear, after the earwax softens, gently remove the earwax with small tweezers or cotton swabs, and finally clean it with clean cotton swabs. Help the dog clean the ear canal. The owner doesn’t have to worry about stabbing the dog’s eardrum. Because the dog’s ear canal is L-shaped, it won’t touch the dog’s eardrum even if it is stabbed to the bottom. Cleaning the ears of beagles is mainly to remove the ear hair and some dirt. However, this work does not mean that it only needs to be done once.

    It is necessary to regularly help the dogs clean the ear canal so as to prevent the dirt from accumulating for a long time and even causing the dog’s ear inflammation. The dog owners must pay attention to it.

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