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    It takes a lot of time and effort to raise a dog. It needs great patience and energy. The owner of the bulldog should pay attention to the following nursing work at ordinary times.
    1. Special tools shall be used when combing, and the human comb and brush shall not be used. The use of the iron comb is to hold the back of the comb with your hand, gently swing your wrist, comb horizontally, and alternately use the coarse, fine and medium combs. The use of the comb is to use the power of the wrist. The brush has many teeth and eyes. When combing, lift the hair with one hand, and then brush another part after brushing.
    2. When combing the hair, the action should be gentle and meticulous, not rough, otherwise the dog will feel pain, and special care should be taken when combing the hair near sensitive parts (such as external genitalia).
    3. Pay attention to the dog’s skin. Clean pink is good, if present red or have eczema, have dermatosis, parasite, allergy wait for possibility, should undertake treatment in time.
    4. In case of lice, fleas and other parasites, they should be brushed with a thin wire brush or treated with insecticides in time.
    5. When the dog’s coat is seriously stained, hair conditioner (1000 times diluted) and baby talcum powder should be used together with combing. Before combing the coat, if you can wipe the dog’s body with a towel soaked in hot water, the coat will be more shiny.
    6. For dogs with serious tangle of fine hair (undercoat), comb or wire brush along the growth direction of the hair, starting from the tip of the hair, and then combing to the root of the hair, point by point. Do not pull hard to avoid pain and pull the hair out. If the rolling felt is serious, you can use scissors to cut the felt piece along the direction of the hair dry, and then comb it. When it still cannot be combed, you can cut off the felt part, until the new hair grows gradually.

    Manicure: Manicure regularly. If the toenail is too long, it will make the dog uncomfortable. At the same time, it is easy to damage the textiles, furniture, carpets and other items in the home. Sometimes, the toenail will split and cause local infection. In addition, the dog’s big toe has degenerated, and there are flying toes on the inner side of the foot, commonly known as “wolf’s claw”. It is purely redundant degenerate, hinders the dog’s walking, and it is very easy for the dog to scratch itself.

    Teeth care: Teeth are important tools for dogs to chew and chew food, especially hard bones. As with human teeth, when food scraps or scraps are stored in the crevices, they can cause bacteria to grow in the crevices, cause caries or gingivitis, and affect the appetite and digestion of dogs. Therefore, it is necessary to check the dog’s teeth frequently or regularly and deal with the problems in time. Method: dip a wet cotton ball into the tooth powder (do not use toothpaste for people, dogs do not like the taste) to remove the tartar. Generally brush the dog’s teeth once a week. In addition, it is necessary to feed the dog bone frequently, which can satisfy the desire of the dog to chew, and also achieve the purpose of brushing and fixing teeth.

    Ear canal cleaning: The ear canal of Bulldog is easy to accumulate grease, dust and water, especially for big eared dogs. The drooping ear shell often covers the ear canal, or the long hair near the ear canal can also cover the ear canal. In this way, the ear canal is easy to be infected and inflamed due to poor air circulation and crud dampness. Therefore, it is necessary to check the dog’s ear canal frequently. If it is found that the dog often scratches his ears or constantly shakes his head and shakes his ears, it indicates that there is a problem in the dog’s ear canal, and it should be checked carefully in time.
    The ways to remove the earwax of Bulldog are as follows: first, disinfect the external ear canal with alcohol cotton ball, fill it with dog’s professional ear washing liquid, hold the ear root and gently knead it, and the dog will automatically throw out the earwax after releasing the hand. The ear canal of dog is L-shaped, and any way to clean the ear canal is not correct. For the inflammatory ear canal, 4% boric acid glycerin ear drops, 2.5% chloramphenicol glycerin ear drops and cortisone neomycin ear drops can be used three times a day. In addition, the long hair near the ear canal should be regularly trimmed to prevent shampoo and water from splashing into the ear canal when bathing.

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