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    Nowadays, many families have pet dogs. It’s important to take care of the pups and the mother’s post natal care. This time we focus on the post natal care of dogs, so how to carry out post natal care of dogs? The editor summarizes the following points.

    1. Prepare a quiet, healthy and comfortable kennel. Dogs may be weak after childbirth, so we should prepare a healthy and comfortable kennel for dogs to recuperate, and the size of the kennel should accommodate the dogs and their children. In addition, the vigilance of dogs will be greatly improved after childbirth, and they will be more fierce, do not like to have children People are close, so we should put the dog kennel in a quiet place where few people pass by, so that the mother dog has a private space to feed her children.

    2. Pay attention to nutrition supply. Dogs are weak after childbirth, and they also need to produce milk to feed their pups. Therefore, dogs need more nutrients in this period. We should provide them with more nutritious food, such as pigs, sheep, cattle, fish, etc., and pay attention to water supply in this period.

    3. Cleaning for dogs. When a dog is in production, some blood stains or secretions may be found in the pubic part, tail and other places of the dog, so it is necessary to prevent parasites from entering and maintain the health of the home. We should clean the dog as soon as possible after the dog is born. Of course, it does not mean that the dog is bathed in the whole body, but the dog is not clean After the dog is born, it is not allowed to bathe.

    4. Pay attention to the dog’s warm keeping work. The dog’s body is weaker after the birth, so the tolerance for the change of external temperature will be weaker, as well as for the newborn dog. Therefore, as the owner, when the weather is cold or the temperature changes greatly, we should do a good job of warm keeping for the dog, if conditions permit In case of air conditioning, we can adjust a constant room temperature. If there is no such condition, we can place a clean, soft cotton cloth in the dog’s Kennel to keep the dog warm.

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