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    The degree of hip dysplasia of Russian wolfhounds is different, and its influence will be different. Of course, the care of dogs should be treated differently in corresponding areas. Some owners like to use their own subjective assumptions to decide the way to care for dogs, which is not right. It is better to carry out the corresponding care work according to the doctor’s orders.

    Generally speaking, the health care principles of CHD are as follows:
    1. Strictly control the weight, avoid the overweight and increase the joint load. The standard of body weight is easy to touch the ribs and intestines;

    2. Limit the movement of the dog and avoid the fierce movement such as running and jumping;

    3. Avoid running, lying on the hard ground or going up and down the stairs.

    4. The place where the dog lies or sleeps is covered with comfortable and warm cushions, and the floor with high friction is used in the activity space (the “antiskid pad” is recommended), so as to facilitate the dog to climb up and walk easily;

    5. Keeping proper amount of activity can make the muscles strong and keep the joints lubricated, for example, walking in a short distance, while swimming is a good sport.

    6. Once diagnosed with CHD, do not give the dog calcium;

    7. Moderate massage. For mild CHD symptoms, it is only necessary to strictly control weight and avoid intense exercise.

    In addition to the above health care principles, doctors will also give painkillers or anti-inflammatory prescriptions depending on the pain or inflammation.

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