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    The following 8 points are very useful practical knowledge. When you care for the newborn puppies, you can pay attention to them:

    1. The newborn puppies should be distinguished with belt. Puppies in the first week from the appearance of no difference, they should be tied with different colors of the belt, in order to distinguish, so as to know who has eaten milk, who has not eaten.
    2. From the first day of puppies’ birth, they should be weighed every day. Generally, they weigh about 450-550 grams at birth. In the first four weeks, they gain an average of 50 grams of weight every day. In the fourth to eighth weeks, they increase nearly 100 grams every day.
    3. Small dogs mature faster than large ones. All puppies must have four meals a day before the age of 3 months, which can be reduced to three meals a day at the age of 3-6 months, and can be fed twice a day after the age of 6 months. Small dogs mature faster than large dogs and can be fed on adult diets at 8 years of age – but large dogs are still growing rapidly at this age and still need to be fed on puppies for a long time.
    4. Make records. It should be pointed out that the needs of each pup are not the same, some need more, some need less. Whether your feeding quantity is appropriate can be seen from the physical condition of the puppies. Measure your pup’s weight regularly and record it. You can check whether the pup’s growth speed matches the feeding amount. Then, you can make adjustments to avoid being overweight or skinny.
    5. Maintain a reasonable eating time. In general, the feeding time of a pup should be 10-15 minutes. Throw away the rest of the food after dinner. Puppies must have their own utensils for eating and drinking, and they should be kept clean and separate from other utensils in the home. You must also provide sufficient and hygienic fresh water for your puppies. (if you find that your pup is always thirsty, you should consult your veterinarian, because it may be a sign of illness.)
    6. Good dog food is not easy to be fat. The stomach of puppies is small. If they are fed with low-quality dog food, the puppies will soon be full, but the proper nutrition still cannot be absorbed. On the other hand, if the dog is fed with high-quality dog food, the dog can absorb the protein it should have, and will not be too heavy or too fat due to the large amount of food.
    7. Dog milk is the best. Milk and goat’s milk are not as nutritious as dog’s milk. The protein content is only 1 / 4 of the dog’s milk, and the mother’s milk does not coagulate in the stomach, while the single milk in the stomach soon becomes rennet and whey. Whey is very effective to eliminate eczema in adult dogs, but it is easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort in puppies and puppies, and there is a risk of pneumonia. So it’s best to use special baby milk powder.
    8. Don’t overeat. There are many owners who think that not to stop feeding the dog food will make the dog stronger. In fact, this is a very wrong idea. Excessive eating will make the skeleton of puppies develop too fast and lead to skeletal structure deformity. And low quality food will only make puppies fat and muscle loose. The fattened puppies are also prone to heart and kidney diseases. Therefore, you dog owners should not overfeed the dog.

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